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May 12 2016


Relieving The Pain Felt From Varicose Veins

When someone suffers from varicose veins, they most likely wish to find methods in making the pain felt a little less intensive. There are several methods one can use in avoiding varicose vein discomfort. Changing some of the habits they do daily can be helpful in the reduction of pain and the chance in contracting varicose veins to begin with.

If someone has a job where they stand or sit for several hours at a time, they are at risk for getting this condition. When someone has varicose veins, it is due to the improper circulation of blood within the veins. The valves inside the veins will cause the blood to pool up in one area, leading to inflammation and eventually unsightly markings. These are usually located on the backs of the legs. Avoiding staying in one position for too long will help get the blood circulating in the legs. It is best if the person gets up, stretches, and walks around for a bit before returning to work. If they stand excessively, they can try sitting down and elevating their legs to help with the circulation of their blood.

Weight is a contributing factor to the start of varicose veins treatments. If someone is heavy, they are more prone to this condition. It is a good idea to have a regular exercise routine in place to help with blood circulation as well as keeping at an average weight. When weight pushes against the legs, the veins can be a bit restricted, leading to blood pooling inside. veins

Wearing loose clothing can help keep veins circulating properly. If tight clothing is worn, the skin will press against the veins and keep them compacted where the blood has trouble getting through with ease. Avoid wearing heels and consider putting on a pair of compression stockings to help with blood circulation.

There are several methods that remove varicose veins in their entirety if they continue to be bothersome. A vascular medicine doctor or phlebologist would assess the intensity of the veins and decide on the best medical treatment to eliminate the veins from the body. This can be done by injecting a chemical into the troublesome veins so they are no longer used in the body. Laser surgery can be done to reduce varicose veins, or they can be removed in their entirety via surgical procedures. Seeing a doctor would be best if pain continues regularly.

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